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I haven’t written anything in a while.  My dad died in late January, and a bleak February and March didn’t have me in the mood for blogging.  It just took one thing, one rather odd thing, that has stuck in my craw to bring me back.

I am the Chair of the Parent Council at my children’s school.  My first started at the school 10 years ago, it will be another 6 before the last one graduates.  For all of the past 10 years I have been involved with the Parent Council.  I have been Chair several times.  I organize fun fairs, movie nights, pasta dinners, guest speakers, hot lunch days fundraisers and field trips.

I would say that I don’t need to be thanked, but, I kinda do.

Our school board organizes a thank you breakfast for parent volunteers.  Each school gets a table of 10, usually the principal, vp, and the rest are parent volunteers.  In the years that our current principal has been at the school we have never attended the breakfast. I have enquired about it, and he usually plays it that he is doing me a favor, he knows who busy we moms are and he doesn’t want to put another item on our agendas.

Hmmmm.Yeah, no.

See the thing, is at almost all schools there is a core group of volunteers, usually stay at home moms or moms who work part-time, who do the most of the work.  Then there are tons of parents who come out to help on the day of big events, like fun fairs and pasta dinners.  Nothing would happen without that army and about 99% of them come and spend 3 or 4 hours volunteering after a full day of work.  We are all busy. No one is really looking for another thing to do, but this is different.

This breakfast is the one day of the year, the one event that I can attend that I haven’t organized.  I can  come as a guest. I get treated as a guest. I don’t have to set up or clean up or anything else.  The whole thing is wrapped up by about 9:30am.set.

When I found out that this years breakfast had come and gone, I was upset.  I spoke to other volunteers, who were not surprised that we were left out again.  For a while I felt foolish that I was so mad about missing this event, but as time passed I realized I have every right to be mad. The administration at our school would have been given lots of notice about this event.  There was plenty of time to organize a table. I am being told it is not worth 2 hours of their time to say thank-you to myself and the other members of our Parent Council who put so  much time and energy into  helping with these days that the kids love so much, and , often make quiet a bit of money for the school.

I can’t speak for all the parent volunteers, but I don’t  need to be thanked all the time for every little thing, but that it would mean the world to me to think  that they thought enough of us to take time for this one Thank You.


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