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That’s An Excellent Question

Why am I blogging?

The short answer? It’s cheaper than therapy.

Let’s see.  I have been married for 16 years and have 4 children.  Those are great things….but man, when you are in your 40’s and you feel like everything you are is summed up in one 11 word sentence, it can make you feel kind of small.

I haven’t had a “real” job since I got married.  No, no, don’t say it, please to do not tell me what a great and important job motherhood is, because I get it.  I have great kids. Great kids.  I have a great husband and his job makes it possible for me to stay home with the kids, and for years I loved it.  I still love being home.  Now that everyone is in school full time, I enjoy the freedom of being at home.

I don’t miss the jobs, or the paycheques (okay maybe I miss those just a bit) I miss being somebody.  I used to work in the arts, doing fundraising and marketing.  Symphonies, art galleries, they are vibrant and fascinating places to work. Everyday, even when the work itself was dull, there was lively discussion, there were people, real honest to god people, that liked my company and talked to me like I was an adult.

Recently I ran a fundraiser for  my children’s school, a woman messaged me about it, asked how much money we made.  I told her it was wildly successful and told her what we made.  She immediately replied and proceeded to explain gross and net and outlined for me how to determine what our profit was. Are You Shitting Me?

Writing this blog is a way for me to have a voice. Even if no one ever  reads it, I will have put something out there. My opinions, my thoughts, my words.  I am nothing if not opinionated.  I love to read. I need to know what is going on in the world.  I am passionate about social justice.

I suppose I could do this the old fashioned way, buy a journal, write it all down. The thing is, I have done that. I want to take all the things that interest me, or drive me crazy and have the nerve to put it down, and send it out there.  Believe in myself enough that what I have to say it worthy of being said in a forum where anyone can see it.


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