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A Happy Camper

I don’t do well with unhappy people.  I don’t mean people who are sad, or dealing with depression or anything like that.  I am talking about those people who find a grey lining in ever silver cloud.

You know who I mean. It’s the woman who gets a week at a 5 star all inclusive Caribbean resort in the middle of a bleak winter and returns to tell you  it was, okay, you know, it rained one day, so it could have been better. Its the person who gets taken to dinner at that restaurant that has the 6 week wait for a reservation – and just, you know, thought it would be better. Aaaarrrggghhh. Makes me want to scream. Nothing is ever good enough. No one ever meets much less exceeds their expectations, everyone and everything is judged to be less than.

These people are not perfectionists. They are not hard on themselves, always pushing to the be the best at whatever they do, they are just complainers.  Quick to find fault and lay blame with others.

I have a “friend” on social media who posts her disappointment with life daily.  Sometimes the rain ruined her day, sometimes the sun is the bad guy making things too hot.  Bad drivers, stupid teachers, incompetent baristas, ignorant customers.  Friends who disappoint, confuse, irritate, frustrate and upset her. Co – workers who are stupid, lazy and inconsiderate.  A spouse, who, judging by status updates, has never, ever. in 20 plus years of marriage done anything right or on time EVER. And worst of the all, the golden haired child, constantly praised for their countless wonderful qualities and the other child who rarely rates a mention other than a mock offer of being put up for adoption.

I just don’t get it.  I will admit.  My life is pretty good.  Solid marriage, healthy kids.  I have my ups and downs and some days are better than others.  Yes, I absolutely get annoyed and bothered – but not all the time every day.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about how my life could be different.  What if I had of gone to a different school, taken different jobs. dated different people.  There are bazillions of ways that my life could be different.  I am not sure many or any of them would be better. I don’t think I could have the life I have right now if I changed even one thing about my past. I hope that my gratitude for a happy life has let me be a help to those people in my world who have gone through hard times or those who just have a harder road to travel.

I have a good life and the only thing I really know is that fate could deal me a harsh blow and that  this life could change without a moments notice.  So the wrong coffee order, or a co-worker who shows up late, or the guy who cuts me off in traffic are never going to be enough to make me wish this life away.


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